CF Benchmarks launches Settlement Price and Spot Rate indices for ALGO, ATOM, BAT and DAI

CF Benchmarks is launching new benchmark indices for ALGO, ATOM, BAT and DAI.

CF Benchmarks launches Settlement Price and Spot Rate indices for ALGO, ATOM, BAT and DAI

CF Benchmarks is launching new benchmark indices for four exciting network tokens: ALGO, distributed by the Algorand blockchain; ATOM, Cosmos’s native cryptocurrency; BAT, which is integrated with the Brave browser; and MakerDAO’s DAI.

Get to know the symbols for these new benchmarks from the images below.


Each asset will be represented by two new benchmark indices: A Spot Rate, published every second, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and a Settlement Price published once a day, every day, at 16.30 London Time.

The new benchmark indices will become the latest members of the CF Cryptocurrency Index Family. Full index methodology and governance documents can be found at

The new benchmark indices and their tickers are listed in the table below.

Transaction and Order Book data for each of the four asset pairs will be drawn from the Constituent Exchanges indicated in the following table.

The benchmark indices will bring standardised and transparently determined valuations of the assets to the substantial community of users of these assets whilst helping to develop their financial ecosystems. The new benchmark indices will thereby help alleviate frictions in valuing and accounting holdings encountered by many investors in these assets.

"CF Benchmarks is excited and honoured to be able to break new ground for the Algorand, Cosmos, Brave and MakerDAO networks, whilst extending our coverage of the cryptocurrency asset class at this exciting time. Our benchmark price indices for these assets are the first to be offered by a regulated Benchmark Administrator," said Sui Chung, CEO of CF Benchmarks. "Financial services providers now have a set of regulated benchmark indices for the assets, enabling services providers to offer regulated products referencing them for the first time, in full confidence that the products are backed by transparent, compliant benchmark price indices, calculated using tried and trusted methodologies.”

Find out more about CF Benchmarks' Benchmark Methodology: CF Cryptocurrency Index Family – Single Asset Series

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