About | CF Benchmarks

We believe that robust indices of high integrity are essential to the development of the cryptocurrency asset class and its continued adoption by ever more individual and institutional investors. Our indices power a wide range of financial products including derivative contracts, investment funds and structured products. Combining indexing techniques that have been tried and tested in traditional asset classes with concepts unique to cryptocurrencies, furthering adoption of the asset class.

Robust Processes and Technology

CF Benchmarks has developed state of the art technology to ensure its indices are provided to the utmost precision in a timely manner, 24/7. Its quality assurance processes ensure that the indices it provides are suitable for even the most demanding users.

Public Methodologies and Policies

CF Benchmarks is committed to the highest degree of transparency in its administration of indices. Full index methodologies alongside our key policies are publicly available on this website and all announcements are made through our news channel. All indices are subject to independent oversight and minutes of oversight meeting are made publicly available.

Tracked by Market Leading Financial Products

Our indices have been designed to facilitate replication both organically and through licensed financial products. Investors can gain exposure to the performance of our indices through leading financial institutions including CME Group and Kraken Futures.

Usage & Licensing

Our indices meet the most stringent regulatory standards. If you need the most accurate crypto pricing to power your product or are considering launching a fund or derivative contract and need the most accurate market representation allied to efficient replication then please contact us licensing@cfbenchmarks.com

Responsible Administrator

CF Benchmarks is accountable to the users of its indices. Complaints on any aspect to any of its indices can be made confidentially to complaints@cfbenchmarks.com. All claims should include as much detail as possible about the concern to allow for a thorough investigation that will be overseen by the relevant oversight body. The Index Administrators' Accountability Framework that includes its Complaints Handling Policy is available to interested stakeholders upon request to info@cfbenchmarks.com

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